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Lliam Christy and Jon Oliver Knight "The Reventones" 10 Year Reunion Concert

The Reventones reunite for a 10th reunion concert on Thursday, June 23 at Blue Strawberry. Formed by two guitarists with St. Louis roots, the Reventones blend and fuse the stirring flamenco styles of Lliam Christy with the Cuban melodies and rhythms of Jon Oliver Knight. The band’s full-length CD, “Dirty It,” gallivants through South and Central America, Cuba, and Spain, with original compositions and vocals. Both of these very impressive guitarists boast bountiful resumès. Lliam has performed in venues ranging from The Kennedy Center to live television in Tbilisi, Georgia. Jon performs extensively with Cuban Maestro Lazaro Galarraga in California, and all over Europe. The music comes spicy and sweet, making for a tonic and treat.

For more information, email Lliam Christy at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Event Date 06-23-2022 7:30 pm
Location Online