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East Side Slim takes you cruising on many musical roads, all leading back to the crossroad - The Blues. Come along for the ride with music that swings, rolls and comes from the soul. Hear blues, R&B, gospel, swing, soul, rock 'n' roll, jazz and roadhouse and even honky tonk and western swing. Rhythm Highways - it's an East Side groove.

About East Side Slim

From non-paying listener, to pledger, to phone volunteer, to radio show assistant, to on-air Sub DJ - and to full time Programmer/DJ--that's the path I took here at KDHX. It's proof that dreams can come true and blessings of sharing my love of blues and blues-related music with you coming true as well. Thank you for supporting KDHX; you're the best! Now get out there and be good to each other.