Inside KDHX

KDHX moved from 3504 Magnolia to 3524 Washington Ave in December of 2013. Magnolia had been the home of KDHX for more than 20 years. 

KDHX moved for several reasons.

1. 3504 Magnolia was an old, small building, once home to a neighborhood bakery in the Tower Grove East area of South St. Louis City. A beloved home of KDHX for many years, KDHX began to grow out of the small space. Not only was there not enough room for staff to work but there needed to be more room to house the broadcast equipment required for the station. Maintenance costs were high. In short, the Magnolia building was high in resources and low on space and was no longer serving the needs of KDHX.

2. KDHX conducted a capital campaign to raise money for a new building at 3524 Washington Ave (KDHX’s current studio location). The new building was built to spec for a radio station with state-of-the-art broadcast studios, audio/visual editing studios, room for the station’s music collection, and office space for staff. The capital campaign included investments in upgraded broadcast, audio, and video equipment.

3. Additional reasons for moving to 3524 Washington were the opportunity to run a bar and venue. Unfortunately, KDHX did not meet its capital campaign goals. In 2020, KDHX partnered with Kranzberg Arts Foundation to lease the first floor. 

Read more about current programming on KDHX’s first floor.

While the vision of the Washington space may look different than planned, the current KDHX building was a major upgrade for the station that will carry KDHX into the future. 


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