Inside KDHX

In 2007, KDHX received a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB).

CPB initiated a two-phase Station Renewal Project to assist a limited number of public radio stations that were considered “at risk” stations because they were not meeting CPB expectations for listenership or financial support from listeners. KDHX fell into this category and was at risk of losing CPB funding. KDHX applied for and was granted a Station Renewal Project Grant, which was a two-year, $234,000 capacity-building grant. The project was overseen by KDHX’s co-executive directors, Nico Leone and Beverly Hacker. 

The Station Renewal Project was a comprehensive project designed to assist KDHX in meeting CPB’s Audience Service Criteria. The project required:

• A new radio-focused strategic plan

• A change management plan

• A staffing plan

• A new information management system

• A St. Louis radio market assessment

• A programming assessment

• A development assessment 

The Station Renewal Project resulted in an increased online presence for KDHX, stronger marketing strategies (the KDHX red dot was born), increased volunteer training, and streamlined on-air content with an eye and ear to how people listen and when. The Station Renewal Project was a successful undertaking by KDHX to realize growth and better service to its audience.

In the years following the Station Renewal Project, the discussion to move KDHX into a newer facility began. Read more about KDHX’s move to Washington Ave.

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